Each Cast13 alloy wheel is subjected to the highest standards in manufacture, finish, testing and quality control. Our wheels are manufactured to ISO9001 standards and have been JWL (Japan Light Alloy Wheel Standard) and VIA (Vehicle Inspection Association of Japan) approved. We also submit our wheels to the Austrian TUV facility to be tested so they can be sold into Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

Our wheels are manufactured to exacting standards. Each wheel passes through several manufacturing stages each with their own unique quality control procedures. Our wheel manufacturing consists of the following stages;

  • Wheel Mould Production
  • Wheel Casting
  • Heat Treatment
  • Machining
  • Paint & Finish

After the wheel has passed each quality control procedure at every stage, the wheels are then boxed and shipped to our storage warehouse. Only the best wheels make it through to our customers.

Our factory uses advanced mould production techniques, from 3D engineering design processing, to the final stages of mould production and paint. We have strict quality control criteria. The factory is O.E certified and therefore complies with the highest standards in manufacture.

Our factory uses ARUN spectra analysis instruments. These machines analyse, test and record data for all incoming raw metal materials used to cast the wheels, ensuring only the best aluminium is used.

During the metal melting and FDU aluminium liquid degassing process our factory uses quality German FOSECO equipment for analysing samples. As well as this high tech machinery, aluminium liquid hydrogen gauges and tensile testing machines are used for ongoing inspections.

In the highly regulated casting workshop our factory has invested heavily in state of the art low pressure and gravity casting machines. These ensure the quality of the final product is of the highest industry standard. Japanese technology using continuous 'roller type' heat treatment lines are used in the heat treatment workshop. The solid solution (T4) and ageing (T6) processes are also an integral part of our alloy wheel heat treatment.

These tests are conducted to ensure the fundamental elasticity and strength of our Cast13 alloy wheels.

In the wheel machining stage, advanced production equipment such as FEMCO lathes, DYNA C.N.C machining centres and HOFFMAN dynamic balance testers help to produce a high end, premium quality wheel.

The painting workshop is also a first of its kind, with a fully automated, environmentally friendly paint drying system, ensuring a flawless paint finish.

Each wheel is water pressure tested to check for porosity of the aluminium. Each wheel is x-rayed to check structural strength. Once the wheel has passed both of these checks the wheels are balance checked and placed on a run-out machine to check each wheel is sound and ready for road use.

Before each wheel is packed it goes through a final QC inspection. Only wheels that pass the quality assurance tests are packed (multi-layer packaging) and delivered to our storage warehouse for distribution to our dealers and customers.

We stand behind our products 100% and back that up with an industry leading 5 year workmanship and a lifetime structural warranty.